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Welcome to The Broken Fiat Club

Our apologies for your broken Fiat. Let us help you put it back together with our Diagnostic and Repair articles.

However, if it is not broken we can help you break it faster with some performance tips found in our How to Go Fast section.

Also, if you are considering spending crazy amounts of ca$h on your car, you may want to visit our Mod Database.

You may also want to visit our Wiki Rides to view the rides of our contributors.

Finally, if you would like to discuss your broken or soon to be broken Fiat, please join our Facebook group The Broken Fiat Club.

Please be aware that this is a brand new website under construction. Official opening of the website will be announced on the Broken Fiat Club Facebook Group.

Currently this wiki focuses on the North American Fiat 500, including Abarth, 500T, Pop and Sport models. European/world models, and other Fiats, such as 500X, 500L, 124, Punto, etc are not currently included. They may be in the future if an editor with extensive knowledge of those platforms volunteers to do the work.

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