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General disclaimer

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The information provided on these pages is provided to assist owners purposes only and in no way creates a binding agreement or contract. Think of this like chatting to a buddy over a beer. We might not even know what we're talking about.

The Broken Fiat Club is not an FCA sanctioned organization, and it's members are not affiliated to FCA or any of it's subsidiaries. We do not receive payment for our contributions from FCA or any of it's subsidiaries or affiliates (although that would be nice). We are primarily happy owners trying to help other owners spend more happy hours on the road.

In summary: If you follow our instructions and your car breaks we accept no liability. We reserve the right to make fun of you and give you more advise on how to proceed. If you modify your car and cannot pass your State mandated inspection then we accept no liability. We will try to advise you where we know of issues, but ultimately it is your responsibility and levels of personal accountability that you have to consider when modifying your car. If you drive irresponsibly and crash we accept no liability. All of our test driving is performed in Mexico.