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Vendor Review & Vendor Forum Rules

Post by MadFiat » Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:51 pm

We will remain as neutral as we can with regard to vendor support. There are other forums run by major vendors, and that's OK. However, our club is a bit rogue and tongue-in-cheek. That can sometimes go a little far, so there are some rules that will apply to both vendors and to users on this forum.


1) The Vendor Reviews forum will be moderated. This includes both user posts to the reviews AND vendor responses. Vendors will get one official response to the review.. Both reviews and responses should avoid personal and character attacks. Likewise, users may not publicly respond to the vendor response - so provide all pertinent information in the original review. This is NOT intended to be a venue to resolve disputes with or seek issue resolution from a vendor. For that, you contact a vendor directly through appropriate channels. If a dispute is resolved privately or elsewhere, and BOTH the vendor and user would like the thead updated, they need to both contact an admin to make the update.

If you post a vendor review, try to stick to a particular product and transaction. Do not just post a review that says "Franks Fabulous Fiats is awesome they always help me out". Talk about a particular time, and give details. Provide all information you would like to include in the review, because the vendor has a chance to respond and then the thread is locked.

3) Refrain from making slanderous, disparaging or provocative comments about vendors in any areas of the forum. Yes, this seems a bit heavy-handed but the negativity is something we would like to avoid here. If you feel someone is making a mistake working with a particular vendor, focus on the product or service at hand. Tell them your opinion based on the facts, and link any relevant reviews from the Vendor Reviews forum.


1) Anyone who is a vendor or who will be representing a vendor (employee, contractor, etc) on the forums must notify an admin to be marked as a Vendor. Vendor status is FREE. We will not ask vendors for financial support, nor will we receive support for advertising for any vendor or competing vendor.

2) Vendors MAY post both new and used products, product announcements, major promotions, group buys, installation guides, etc, within their specific vendor forum once it has been created. Vendors may not create posts about their products in any other area of the forum, but may respond to posts that have been made by someone else. Build threads in the project forum are acceptable, however. Vendors should refrain from too frequent reposts of the same information.

3) Vendors should refrain from responding about another vendor's products unless their input could be considered constructive and valuable to the recipient.
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