I'm Done With 500 Madness

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I'm Done With 500 Madness

Post by sportfan » Sat Jul 03, 2021 6:59 am

My wife ordered a set of Italian Leather floor mats from 500 Madness and she wasn't happy with the quality of them. She called about returning them and was told they were a nonreturnable close out item. If the statement that they were a "close out item, all sales final " was posted on the same screen with where you order from then she wouldn't have ordered them. I had to page down four times on my computer to find that statement. Also I've never noticed a vender selling close out items under their " New Arrivals" section before either. I called to talk to them about it and the guy there told me he had talked to the upper management and they would take them back but, it was a 20% restocking fee. Also we wouldn't get a refund for the difference , it would be store credit . Then of course any future purchases I would be paying more freight charges on. So $230 for the mats and shipping, minus $40 for restocking, and $30 to ship them back. Leaves me $160 in store credit to buy more item that I can pay more ridiculous shipping fees on. She paid $30 for shipping on the mats and $30 more for shipping a set of tail lights for my car. I don't know if she will keep the mats or not but, I'm pretty sure they won't be returned. This is Madness's loss more than mine, I had just bought her a 500C Lounge that I'm sure we will be spending plenty on. Bottom line is I think it is pretty unscrupulous for a vender to list a close out item under new arrivals and then state it is a final sale four screens down and not viewable from the screen you order from.

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Re: I'm Done With 500 Madness

Post by MadFiat » Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:00 am

Madness has unfortunately always been a little bit "fast and loose" with product quality and customer service. I visited their Austin site in person a couple years ago with the intention of buying several items in person. I had in mind the 15" Monza wheels. I knew from research and Madness' own postings that they would fit the 500 Turbo fine, and would fit the 500 Abarth if you were careful with wheel weight position and/or shaved just the edge off of the rear sway.

Long story short, they didn't have them in stock. But instead of offering to order them for me, Boris proceeded to insist that the 15" monza wheels "would not fit" with the Abarth brakes, and I would have to upgrade to a 17" wheel - which of course they had in stock. I went to the order guy and had him check if the 15" were in stock, and he said he didn't know and left it at that.

At the same time, Boris was busy telling the group of us that had come that the Koni Yellow shocks were being discontinued and that Koni had made a "special shipment" for Madness only, and that what they had in stock was the LAST Koni shocks for the 500 that would ever be produced. And that nobody else had them in stock and never would - so if you wanted a pair, "now is the time to buy". Also not true - it wasn't long in fact until the Koni Yellow struts started dropping in price at numerous other merchants online!

They will tell you anything to make a sale.

As far as the wheels go - I ended up ordering them instead from Allison's Automotive and they showed up with very quick shipping. And they fit.
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Re: I'm Done With 500 Madness

Post by texanbrit » Mon Jul 05, 2021 11:16 am

I still buy from Madness occasionally, but I’ve got in the habit of either buying in person or at least calling and checking on stock levels.
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